Track Patient Referrals and Decrease Out-Of-Network Referral Practices

Fix your broken referral system

Reduce leakage, increase completion rates, and  improved utilization.

ReferralMD Benefits

ReferralMD helps providers increase revenue, reduce risk, and drive short and long-term cost savings while helping patients receive care faster with the most appropriate specialist.

ReferralMD - Patient Referral Software

Referral Management

  • Centralized Referral Dashboard for tracking every patient referral
  • Patient Journey Tracking for a transparent scalable workflow which replaces inefficient paper systems
  • Automated feedback loop for tracking real-time approvals
Prior Authorization Software
Improve Patient Access with ReferralMD

Patient Access

  • Embed a detailed provider directory on your website
  • Patient scheduling with customized forms
  • Automate patient text and email communications
  • Send referral notification, pre/post appointment instructions
  • confirm/cancel appointments via text and update your EHR or scheduling system

Referral & Fax Management

  • Manage referrals from multiple channels in a centralized work queue
  • Custom workflows, alerts and rules by organization, region, location, or department
  • Send referrals using SmartMatch algorithm
  • Log tasks, notes, calls, and emails for referrals and messages between referring and receiving providers offices
  • Robust fax management routes and digitizes into your EHR or practice software


Referral and Fax Management Software
Pre-Referral Consults

Pre-Referral Consults

  • Organized Conversations occur in real-time (no waiting by the fax machine)
  • Collaborate with providers, vendors, attorneys and partners
  • Integrated file-sharing
  • Drag and drop PDFs, images, videos and other medical files directly into ReferralMD without file size restrictions

Marketing Tools

  • CRM allows marketing teams to manage their referral network into custom network tiers
  • Track partner relationships by team or individual
  • Manage tasks, notes, calls, emails meetings
  • Report on outreach activity with referral volume across partners
  • Market research tools with providers directory of over 7 million individual and group providers
  • Analyze referral patterns between providers based on Medicare or 3rd party sources


Medical Marketing CRM Tools

Real-Time Analytics

  • Referral Dashboard Reporting on useful metrics let you drill deeper for full detail
  • Referral Leakage Report lets you track leakage rates across your health system to help improve revenue and capture rates
Real Time Analytics